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Where city takes a break


With a completely new and truly unique shopping, entertainment and socializing concept, Centar Kaptol is the first premium lifestyle & shopping centre offering an exquisite selection of prestigious high street brands. Located in the very heart of Zagreb's Old Town, it allows the visitors to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life close at hand.

The recently refurbished Centar Kaptol is a perfect blend of lifestyle, shopping and business. Besides, there are two stunning terraces inspired by the old Zagreb’s city courtyards, that help the visitors unwind from the stress of everyday life.

The newly refurbished Centar Kaptol belongs to the Supernova Group, which has been operating throughout Europe. Its main mission is acquisition, development and management over the long term of commercial real estates in Austria and Southeast Europe. Thanks to the realization of regional projects, the worth of Supernova Group is estimated at over one billion euros while the group-owned properties have attracted more than 60 million visitors. Alone in Croatia, Supernova Group boasts of 15 centres in as many as nine cities, 12 of which operate under the Supernova brand and let us not forget to mention the Branimir Mingle Mall, Centar Cvjetni and Centar Kaptol in Zagreb.

Both Supernova Group and its affiliated centres are continually expanding and developing to meet the needs of both its visitors and end-users. With this as an inspiration, Central Kaptol has grown to become the most sought-after meeting and relaxation place in the very heart of Zagreb.