About us

Centar Kaptol is the region's first premium lifestyle & shopping centre with carefully selected contents and a unique location in the historical centre of Zagreb, the refurbishment of which has been inspired by motifs from the past of our capital city. You can feel the ancient spirit of the city in just about every detail of the refurbished Centar Kaptol, the Zagreb's urban courtyard, which has s been given a contemporary exterior and interior design.

The newly refurbished Centar Kaptol is conceived as a walkable space that perfectly blends with the surrounding buildings. The centre is permeated with greenery and open spaces and is accessed from two main downtown streets. Constructed on three floors, it accommodates 60 different high street brands, characterised by top-quality offerings. Furthermore, the centre boasts 455 parking spaces, two spacious terraces and a children’s playground

Supernova Group is a privately owned, international company with headquarters in Graz, Austria. Its main business activities relate to acquisition, development and long-term management of commercial real estate in Austria and Southeast Europe. The current portfolio of the Supernova Group comprises more than 80 projects in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia. The total value of the group's real estate, comprised of regional projects, amounts to over one billion euros, and all properties in total have attracted and continue to attract more than 60 million visitors.