Where city comes to take a break


Welcome to the newly refurbished Centar Kaptol, the first Lifestyle & Shopping Centre in Croatia.


A new era of the Lifestyle & Shopping Centre

The newly refurbished Centar Kaptol aims to attract visitors of a dynamic lifestyle and a tight daily schedule, who cherish the high quality of products and leisure activities that are designed to occupy their precious free time. Indeed, it is the very first centre to feature a premium content that places the same emphasis on shopping as it does on lifestyle. Boasting top restaurants and bars, fashion brands stores and perfumeries, a cinema, a gym and a supermarket, Centar Kaptol will allow you to take a break from your daily activities and enjoy yourself from the beginning to the end of your visit, whilst knowing that you can have it all done in one place.

The contemporary soul of ancient Zagreb

As the contemporary soul of ancient Zagreb, the Centar Kaptol draws inspiration from our city's rich past, whether cultural, social or stylistic, enriching your everyday life and offering you an isolated oasis in the heart of the city.



Take a break from your day’s commitments with a cake and coffee at a coffee shop or an evening cocktail at Kaptol Palace, lunch and dessert or an all-night movie, training at the fitness center or practicing vocal cords at a singing school.

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The Kaptol Center is a place in the city center where you will be able to complete your wardrobe with the signature of premium fashion brands, and your basket with top-quality products.

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At the very top of the Kaptol Center there is a zone dedicated to business life with office space and furniture suitable for short meetings or calls.

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Kaptol dvor

A special feature of the new center that will give you a break during the day is two renovated terraces, green oases at your fingertips, inspired by the role of the city courtyards of old Zagreb as the focus of social life. Both the Kaptol Garden, a smaller terrace, and the Kaptol Dvor, a larger terrace in the inner square, have access to the main streets in the city center. On both terraces, you will be able to enjoy from the first-morning coffee through cocktails in the company to dinner in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Biobio Manj Banner

Quality of nature with bio & bio

In the newly opened bio & bio store you will enjoy the best premium products with the signature of nature and health.

Check out what awaits you on the occasion of the opening and celebration of their 18th birthday.

We end the celebration of our 18th birthday by opening a bio & bio store in the Kaptol Center and a treat with as much as an 18% discount on our best food supplements and premium organic cosmetics!

2. HEALTH WEEKEND 17.12. - 19.12.
This weekend in the bio & bio store you can expect attractive discounts, useful consultations, tastings, and promotions.
• Take advantage of a 10% discount on all fresh organic and local fruits and vegetables.
• Taste delicious and healthy juices and vitamin cocktails from organic fruits and vegetables.
• For a bill over 100 kn, we are giving you a Hokkaido pumpkin from the oldest ecological farm, Zrno.
• Come to the conference "Strengthen natural immunity" with experienced bio & bio consultant and homeopath Denis Krelja on Saturday from 15 to 19h and get a discount of 18% on selected supplements
• Dr. Hauschka: nourishing power of medicinal herbs 18.12. / 12 - 15h /
During the promotions you achieve:
• 18% discount on the purchase of any Dr. Hauschka products of your choice (except small packs and promo packs).
• 20% discount for the purchase of three or more Dr. Hauschka products of your choice (except small packs and promo packs).
• FREE Dr. Hauschka hand cream for every purchase Dr. Hauschka products above 500 kn.