MB Palmers

For a peaceful sleep and an active day

It is well known that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, and many of us do not pay attention to the quality of sleep. In order to be active, fresh, rested and healthy for the remaining two thirds of the day, we need to carefully choose the clothes and underwear we wear and sleep in. It is giving priority to good sleep that is the basis of the love we give to ourselves.
Leafy Palma underwear is woven from a combination of soft microfiber and delicate lace which makes it especially comfortable to wear. While the minimalist design impresses with its timeless elegance in every way.

Maxco Manji Banner

An outstanding fashion experience

Another premium brand has opened its doors and brought us a touch of wonderful fashion stories for fall and winter days. It is a well-known brand Max & Co with which you will successfully create your look and unique fashion combinations. Tell a new fashion story and emphasize your feminine side with beautiful materials and even more beautiful models of dresses, coats, pants, shirts and many other premium pieces.

Frida Mali Banner

Newly opened gastro oasis

Gastro delicacies in a pleasant ambience are worth every attention. Treat yourself to the newly opened bar & bistro Frida and enjoy the most beautiful surroundings and a pleasant atmosphere for a tailor-made break.

Optika Alfa Vision Manji Banner

Great offer at Alfa Vision

Eye health care is important for all those who do their work with screens, but also for those who like to relax with television or a stream program. This month, Alfa Vision Optics takes care of your eye health and better eyesight with great discounts.

Web Banner Mali

Only best the best for your pets

Best friends who evoke warm emotions in us and bring a lot of smiles on their faces, and in our center they can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of another premium store. It is, of course, a ZOO CITY store that has opened its doors right here in Centar Kaptol.

Manji Banner Puntino

Premium Italian footwear

Another premium brand has arrived at our address. These are well-known Italian footwear that is handmade in small factories with a long tradition and is available in the Puntino store. Choose phenomenal models of top quality, irresistible design, and exceptional comfort.

Kaptol Radno Vrijeme Manj Banner

New working hours

From now on, your favorite holiday destination with shopping, coffee or cinema is also open on Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm.